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Dr. Kinsella serves as the lead scholar and pedagogy guide on a number of U.S. Department of Education funded research initiatives to improve educational outcomes for English learners. In particular, a partnership with the California League of Schools, the “Families for College” Innovation in Education (I3) grant now celebrates 83% reclassi!cation of 320 long-term English learners in Moreno Valley USD. Her English language development program, English 3D, was the curricular and pedagogical anchor for these young scholars’ English language pro!ciency and writing gains.

Kate Kinsella, Ed.D. is an emeritus teacher educator at San Francisco State University where she addressed second language development research and pedagogy. She is currently the founder and CEO of Dr. Kate Kinsella & Associates, an educational research and consultancy firm dedicated to English learner achievement. A highly-sought after speaker and consultant to school districts and U.S. State Departments of Education, she has provided guidance and training for teachers of English learners in suburban, urban and rural contexts throughout the nation. Her 30-year teaching career focus has been equipping youths from diverse economic and linguistic backgrounds with the academic English language, reading and writing skills to be truly college ready.

Dr. Kinsella maintains active K-12 classroom involvement by conducting research, writing curriculum, teaching demonstration lessons, and coaching both teachers and administrators. She is the author of research-validated instructional programs to support English learners and struggling readers, including READ 180, English 3D, and the Academic Vocabulary Toolkit. She also served as the lead pedagogy guide for the Oxford University Press newcomer program The OUP Content Area Picture Dictionary. Dr. Kinsella co-authored Improving Education for English Learners: Research-Based Approaches published by the California Department of Education, and featured article series in Language Magazine detailing the language demands posed by college and career readiness standards and assessments for U.S. language minority youth.

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